Terms and conditions for the issue and use of electronic documents

The following terms and conditions are applicable to the issue by Aciter Control S.A. and/or its affiliate (hereinafter the “company) to its Principal (hereinafter the “client), and must read in conjunction with the Company General Conditions of Service, available upon request or on our website www.aciter.com.

  • These terms and conditions are intended to govern the issuance by the Company of inspection reports and /or related certificates and/or related third party documentation by electronic exchange using the internet.
  • The Company may, at its sole discretion, offer to Clients the possibility to receive inspection reports and related certificates (hereinafter “Ecertificate/s”)
  • The Client may instruct in writing the Company to deliver on copy the Ecertificate/s to a third party. In such case the delivery of Ecertificate/s to a third party will be done at the sole Company discretion and without any responsibility of the Company. The Company cannot and will not accept liability for any losses or claims which may arise from transmission of Ecertificate/s to third parties as instructed by the Client.
  • This the responsibility of the Client to protect the confidentiality of the access to the Ecertificate/s system, especially such as login process and password.
  • The Company reserve its right to cancel at its sole discretion without delay the access to the Ecertificate/s system.
  • Authentication of Ecertificate/s upon receipt is Client’s responsibility, such Authentication will be provided by contacting edoc@aciter.com.
  • In spite that the UCP 600 states that, unless otherwise stated, Bank will accept as an original, document which is produced “by reprographic, automated or computerised system”; however the legality of Ecertificate/s is not yet accepted in certain countries.
    Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Client to ascertain that Ecertificate/s will be accepted in the country the Ecertificate/s to be used. The Company accept no responsibility in this regard.
  • Any unauthorized alteration, forgery or falsification of the content or appearance of Ecertificate/s issued by the Company is unlawful and offenders may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.